Our Boston Boys

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Ch D-Mar's All Or Nothing

Frankie is my 1st show dog and is very dear to my heart! Nobody will ever compare to what he means to me! He is so loving and is just full of life,he loves everybody,people and dogs alike.

Thank you to my dear friend Marcia Terry,from D-Mar Boston Terriers, for our very special boy.


Frankie's been Baer tested,patellas OFA'd,hips/back/elbows x-rayed.



Elohim's Ring of Fire

 This is our sweet brindle BRED BY puppy.
"Elohim's Ring of Fire" a.k.a. "Johnny"


Johnny is available to a serious established show home

Johnny Goes Best Bred By Puppy on 1/25/2007 at the Coeur d'Alene Idaho shows and a Best Bred By Puppy Non Sporting Group 1...

Johnny does it again!! Thats 4 more pts in 2 weekends.

Johnny's Pedigree