Stud Dog Contract

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-------------STUD AGREEMENT -----------------

This Agreement is between Alessa Garlinghouse (hereinafter called the Stud Owner) and (Hereinafter called the BitchOwner)

The Stud owner agrees to a breeding between :-

_______________________________________________________----- (hereinafter called the Stud Dog) (Hereinafter called the Brood Bitch)


1. The stud fee of ________________ is payable at the time the breeding takes place ,but before the Stud Dogs Semen is Shipped.

A.)_________- Initial here if a puppy back is the agreement for stud fee instaed of monies.

B.)____ _____________________________________________________ Intitial here and write the agreement, in full understanding, if the puppy back will be pick puppy,second pick,etc.

2. The Bitch Owner is responsible for all costs including the purchasing of the Puppy Pacs and the shipping of the semen.

3. The Stud Owner guarantees that she will have the semen shipped via Fedex to the Bitch Owners vet in a timely manner and in good and viable condition.

4. The Bitch owner is entitled to Two Shipments of the Stud Dogs semen per breeding period and must pay to have the semen shipped both times.

5. The Bitch Owner agrees to have progesterone testing performed on the bitch to ascertain the most fertile time to breed the bitch and to have the Bitch Inseminated by a licensed Veterinary Surgeon and such Veterinary Surgeon should inspect the semen and proclaim it in good and viable condition before inseminating the Bitch.

6. The Stud Owner guarantees that Two (2) live puppies born alive constitutes a litter..

7. The Bitch Owner agrees that she will not agree to the sale of any resulting puppies from this breeding or any subsequent breedings between these above named dogs without first consulting with the Stud Dog Owner, and a litter registration will not be signed until the Stud Dog Owner is advised of each new owner of the resulting puppies from this and any other breeding between the two above named dogs. The Stud Owner reserves the right to refuse to allow a puppy born from this breeding to be sold to any specific person without having to give the Bitch Owner any reason for doing so. The Stud Dog Owner will give her consent in writing for each puppy to be sold to each prospective owner at the time the litter registration is signed.

8. The Bitch Owner guarantees that her Bitch is in good health at the time of breeding.

A.)The bitch must have a written statement,signed and dated by a liscenced veterinarian stating that the bitch is negative for Brucellosis.The bitches birthdate and AKC registration number must be on the statement as well.

B.)Written proof that the Bitch has passed all her health clearences must be given before any breeding takes place & before the bitch is left in our care for breeding.

Required health clearances necessary, but not limited to: up to date Cerf,Patellas certified,Xray of the back showing negative of problematic vertibraes,hips and Baer.

9. The Stud Owner guarantees that the stud dog is in good health at the time of the collection of the semen.

A.)Stud dog has passed all required health clearances required of the bitch and shall also be available to the bitch owner for review.

Signed By Stud Dog Owner :


Dated :


Signed and agreed to by Bitch Owner: